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Work Information

Plastic Drainage Tile Installation

Sizes from 3”-60”

Farm Drainage & Soil Conservation Structures

Drains excess water from agricultural fields.

Improves crop yields.

Installation of many other types of conservation practices.

Top of the line technology on a drainage plow (GPS controlled) (see pictures of the new Bron 550)

County Mains

Large diameter pipe installed on grade.

Catch basins and & Soil erosion control

Repair & Maintenance of existing drains

See Drainage Pictures page for pictures

GPS Systems

    Mike Cook’s Soil & Water MGMT. Systems was the first to:

incorporate total GPS grade control on a farm drainage plow in the 90’s!

Have a self-propelled drainage plow with AutoSteer, 2010.

    GPS Topographical maps with +/- 2cm accuracy.

Data gathered by driving in desired intervals and points are gathered and desired increments

Click links below for sample Topo map:

      DXF File (856Kb-Right click and choose “Save As”) –Scrollable and zoomable **CAD type program or any other program with DXF viewing capabilities required. 

     JPG Picture (272Kb-974x434 res.)

     TXT File of Data Points (248Kb) –All the data collected listed in a TXT file.  Other formats are available for import into spreadsheet type program.

    GPS hardware and software dealer (see GPS Systems page for more info.)


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AMW Machine Control-Software for GPS Machine Control for Agriculture and More

Advanced Geo Positioning Solutions(AGPS)-Software for many GPS applications and system sale

RWF/Bron-manufacturers of self propelled drainage plows.

Michigan Land Improvement Contractors of America

Land Improvement Contractors of America (LICA) National

ADS-manufacturers of quality plastic pipe.


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Contact Information

E-mail address

Mike Cook—President

Nate Cook—Vice President (and Webmaster)

Adam Cook—Foreman


(989) 587-3528


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Location Information

Located near Westphalia, Michigan. 

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Would you like to join the crew?  We are looking for Backhoe/excavator operators, send inquiry via email.

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Last revised: September 9, 2016