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Previous, Current, and Future Projects

Previous: 2002

  • Completed $125,000 plus Clinton County Pectil drain

Installed 24”, 18”, and 15” N-12 pipe & bored over 2 miles under 2 paved roads

Provided “as built” GPS data for county records

  • Completed $90,000 Ionia County main

Open ditch, 24”, 18”, 15”, and 12” ND.

Project length was 1½ miles

Exciting on this project was installing 600 feet of 18” N-12 20 feet deep less than 3 feet away & 2 feet deeper than existing concrete pipe

  • Installed over 1.5 million feet of 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, & 12” for farm drainage


Previous: 2003

  • Completed $200,000 Jennings county drain system for Newaygo County

Replaced almost 2 miles of 24”, 18”, 15” and 12” N-12 pipe, including catch basins, paved road crossings, constructing retention ponds, and maintaining wooded areas.

  • Completed $180,000 inter-county drain #134 between Clinton & Gratiot County
  • Reconstructed drains in the Lake Victoria Subdivision, an unique project as work was between existing homes and design required slowing down discharge water into Lake Victoria

          Replaced over 2 miles of 30” down to 15” N-12 pipe including overflow ditches, catch basins and road crossings.

  • Installed 1.2 million feet of tile for farm drainage


          2004 projects

·        Nearly 1 mile of reconstructing 2 different county drains for Ionia County, and bidding on other county drain projects

·        Maintaining our quality service to our farm customers


2005 projects

·        Formed Advanced Geo Positioning Solutions Inc. for automated GPS machine control for drainage, construction, ditching, and land leveling applications, selling 2 complete systems

·        Installed over 7000 feet of N-12 pipe for Ionia County & managed 4 miles of open ditch construction

·        Installed 1.4 million feet for farm drainage


2006 projects

  • Installed over 2 miles of N-12 pipe for county drains
  • Server our farm drainage market installing 1.4 million feet of drainage tile
  • Sold & installed 5 AGPS systems
  • Began service to Michigan Land Improvement Contractors as Executive Director


    2007 projects

  • Installed 1.9 million feet of Drainage pipe for our farm customers, our best year ever, not possible without my crew
  • installed 300o feet of N-12 for county drains
  • sold & installed 4 AGPS systems
  • hosted the MLICA field day at Cook Brothers Farms near Vermontville Mi.  Designed & Coordinated the Event


     2008 forecast

  • Will take delivery of a new Bron 360 drainage plow..the first of its kind.  This machine will counter-rotate 180 degrees  like an excavator
  • Will again host the MLICA field day across the road from last years event.  Cook Brothers will show the results from last years installation.

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Last revised: Monday, March 24, 2008