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 Specializing in Soil & Water Management and GPS Solutions

Drainage plow and trencher Grade control for all makes and models!  Automatic steering available for some models.

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AGPS-Pipe Top View

For more benefits or information about other programs/applications at: or contact Cook's AGPS LLC.


o  Topo

o   Dirt, Ditch, and Terrace/Waterway software products also available for a variety of earthmoving flexibility.


For more benefits or information about other programs/applications at: or contact Cook's AGPS LLC.


Accuracy within +/- 2cm for Topography, Pipe machine control, and many more!
No more lasers!
o   Works in fog
o   Setup only 1 time a day
Proportional valve compatible makes much smoother grade adjustments
o   Tracking of installed systems for easy import in CAD or other application.

NovAtel GNSS Dealer

Contact us with any inquiries about what NovAtel’s line of high accuracy GPS/GNSS products can do for you!

We recommend the PwrPak7 or PwrPak7D for RTK on a machine.  This innovative product has several advantages not available with some other RTK systems on the market, including;
AdVanceRTK: for faster more reliable RTK locks.
o  Configurable through AGPS software (easier to set up and diagnose)
o   Intelligent interference detection and mitigation
o   Supports current and future GNSS signals, with 555 channel capability and all-constellation tracking
o   Click here to view the complete OEM7® brochure.

New May 2018: PwrPak7D. Dual antenna receiver for RTK accuracy plus Heading.

o   Ideal for Tile plow Autosteer, Dual GPS scrapers, Excavator guidance, or any application needing cost effective dual antenna reading.

o   Click here to download the PwrPak7D® brochure.

New April 2020: Utilizing Galileo satellites in the RTK engine. Additional satellites makes the signal quality more reliable near trees.

  o Click here to view the comparison study

NovAtel GNSS products are available for all your WAAS, Terrastar, and RTK accuracy needs. Replace or enhance some Ag GPS systems.

We stock GNSS antennas that can replace failed antennas from other brands too. They have ultra-durable watertight enclosures, and have been proven to sustain intense vibration, earning the MIL-STD-810G rating.



RuggOn Computer:  12.1” Touch screen  New 2017.


Rugged and engineered for outdoor use
    **Outdoor screen for sunlight visibility

Direct access to COM and USB ports (no adapter cables needed)

Fast processor : Intel® Core™ i5 6300U 2.4GHz 

We also stock more cost effective computer options for less harsh conditions.


LiDAR data services

    We now offer data preparation services for LiDAR. We don't collect any of the data, it is available to the public. However, the process to find and download the right information, and then convert it to formats for use in other programs can be overwhelming. For a flat fee, we can provide you with easy to use data and maps.  For more informaton see: LiDAR PDF

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